FAZ DC awards Muza victory, Nkwazi fined K200,000

The Football Association of Zambia Disciplinary Committee has awarded FC MUZA three points after Nkwazi FC was found guilty of causing an abandonment of the MTN Super League Week 28 fixture at Nakambala stadium.

According to the ruling signed by committee vice chairperson Mukumba Mulele, Nkwazi have also been fined K200,000 in order to deter teams and individuals from disrespecting the Zambian Premier League memo dated 21 November, 2022 that fathered authority of the laws as well as serves as deterrent from engaging in similar behaviour in the future.

The committee has invoked Article 31.1 of the FAZ Disciplinary Code in favour of FC MUZA and considered that Nkwazi lost the match 3-0 to the elegant dynamites.

“Nkwazi FC clearly were the architects of gross misconduct and unsportsmanlike behaviour which is evident from their own confession contained in the exculpatory letter which is materially corroborating with the video clip,” read the ruling in part.

“Their indulgence in (hitting the gates with stones, driving in reverse insulting and as well as their players climbing the wall fence) and in furtherance in perpetuating the mischiefs refused to use the official dressing room, not only reflects the lack of sportsmanship but also demonstrates the disregard for the well-being of others and the integrity of the game.Their actions resulted in harm, constituted public nuisance making the liable for the pre-match violations that occurred.”

The committee stated that it has also taken judicial notice that the conduct by Nkwazi FC arises from suspected superstitions that have openly opened floodgates of suspected witchcraft being practised in the Zambian Premier League football games.

“The referee cited Nkwazi personnel as the perpetrators of the acts that led to the abandonment of the game. The actions by the whole Nkwazi Fc Technical bench jointly and whilst acting together with Henry Kalaba and Jeff Mwape who are Team Manager and Media personnel as instigators and perpetrators not only did they cross the line by invading the pitch but also caused the abandonment of the match by attacking the match official,” the ruling stated.

“The committee has decided that player Sydney Kasanda of MUZA must be charged with bringing the name of the game into disrepute and FC MUZA for the unidentified official charged under Artucle 51 if the FAZ Disciplinary Code FC edition (unidentified aggressor), in the manner they attacked Nkwazi Media Officer Jeff Mwape and caused damage to his phone and furthermore complaints in regards to Mr Mubiana Lungwangwa and other matters of concern have been dealt with in the main ruling that is currently under draft.”

The respondents have the right to appeal the decision of the Committee within 72 hours notification of the decision.



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