Young Green Eagles not giving up….

On 24th June 2019, I did a post about Young Green Eagles crying foul over the case they reported to the Association after 12th May over Yeta using an ineligible player.

Let me refresh your memory…


By Bwezani Mbewe – 24|06|19

There is a time bomb clicking that could throw Division One Zone Four playoff into disarray.

Young Green Eagles are propping up themselves for a potential fight with league bosses as they feel they have been short-changed. The Eagles are crying that the Zone Four playoff against Kansanshi Dynamos is their slot and not Zesco Shockers.

That was then… Facts on the ground are that Young Green Eagles filed their complaint to FAZ.

FAZ confirmed receipt of the complaint and unfortunately as most of the time has not presided over the matter. The delay to look into these complaints have affected the running of football smoothly.

The Young Green Eagles Vs Yeta case is the simplest case that could have been disposed of a long time ago.

Its a fact that Yeta used players who were not registered or rather, the boys (two) that players were playing on the cards that are not theirs.


Four days before the games, looks like pressure is mounting and this has to come out and Young Green Eagles are not giving up because just as I stated on the 24th June, the Eaglets are crying foul that the Zone Four playoff against Kansanshi Dynamos is their slot and not Zesco Shockers.

My take is that they are right.


Kansanshi Dynamos have been preparing for a trip to Mongu to take on ZESCO Shockers.

They have already sent an advance party to set base and analyze the situation, just like any team does.

All those preparations maybe were thrown away as the trip may change from Mongu to Kafue.

Yes, it may and most likely today as there is no reason that would actually put Young Green Eagles out of the playoffs especially if FAZ rules in their favor. It’s theirs to take this time around.

Both teams, ZESCO Shockers and Young Green Eagles finished on 63 points and Shockers had a better goal difference of one goal.

But with this case against Yeta where Young Green Eagles lost 1-0 in Sesheke, The Eagles will have 66 points if their case goes in their favor, that will be three (3) points better than ZESCO Shockers.

Unfortunately, it would be bad news for ZESCO Shockers who have prepared so hard for the playoff only to give it up because of the delay by the Association’s Disciplinary committee.

We await a decision. This raises so much anxiety in the Kansanshi, Eaglets, and Shockers camps.

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