Fathy blames poor officiating for Napsa’s loss

The pensioners failed to increase the tally of points after 0-1 home defeat to FC MUZA yesterday in the Zambian premier league at woodlands stadium in Lusaka.

With this loss Napsa stars mentor Muhammad Fathy believes his side was unfairly Treated through bad officiating.

” We missed a lot of chances despite us scoring a genuine goal that was disallowed, It was bad officiating in my opinion and I think its my right as a coach to say it.

Fathy went on to say ” The Referee was not fair with us this is our first home loss but we have to come over it.

The pensioners caretaker is still hopefull that his team will return to winning ways and is looking forward to the coming games.

” In my opinion Its not big we have a lot of games home in the second Round and will focus to push 4/5 wins in row and I think we can balance and get something.

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