Bwezani Mbewe | April 3, 2019

Restitution in the form calmness has been given another latitude at the struggling Premiership side NAPSA Stars. With coach Fathi getting some room to breath again. But seemingly its free pass from the Egyptian and his technical team.

Management in giving the lifeline was sounding diplomatic in ensuring that they don’t appear to be giving ultimatums. But we all know modern football. The job of team coach is as good as just the last match played.

World over authorities have gone on to say reassuring statements but do the unthinkable. And NAPSA Stars may not be an exceptional. Though it remains to be seen.

The calming sentiments are contained in communique’ the club just issued. And reads:

“We have had some very detailed and length discussions with the Management, technical team and the players to analyse first half performance, which of course we are not very happy about.”

end of quote

Fathi and his players should underline “We are not happy” , give the executive something to be proud of for the great work they have given this team.

The Executive are aware that Stream B is not an easy group and have the following understanding:

“We know that the group we are in is very tough looking at how teams are exchanging positions and the difference in points. But I would like to assure our fans and other stakeholders that we are on course to regain good performance.”

end of Quote.

Good performance for me means three points each game for the remainder of the season because if this trend continues then the aspirations of CAF games will take forever to come.


Interestingly the communiqué doesn’t state that and I feel its good for focus and direction. But reading the communiqué closely you can actually see the ultimatum written in a very sober and inviting way.

Read this

“Our technical bench also knows very well what their targets are and we are confident that they will rise to the occasion,” said Mr Phiri.

Ask yourself if the opposite happens. What will happen?


Good insight from the NAPSA Stars Executive and yes Stream B is tough but workable at the same time. The six points difference of Napsa and league Leaders Buildcon is not something that is impossible. But we also have to be cognisant that this is a brutally short league and there is almost no time for recovery.

NAPSA should as well work on the defence as they are allowing as many goals as they are scoring . That negative goal difference will be crucial at the end of 18 games in this run.

After this communiqué, the next three games for Napsa Stars will be crucial .

Starting with an Nkana encounter , Circuit as well as Eagles are waiting.

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