By Cecilia Zyambo:The Zambia National Farmers Union -ZNFU- says the provision of extension services in the agricultural sector requires concerted efforts from all stakeholders.ZNFU President Jervis Zimba says the production landscape in Zambia is dynamic and farmers need knowledge to use certified seed in view of the climate change and diversification.He was speaking during the launch of Corteva Brand in Zambia which is a combination of Pannar and Pioneer seeds.And Corteva Zambia Managing Director Samson Nyendwa said the firm will continue offering best solutions that serve the interests of farmers because Agriculture is the backbone of the country’s economic development.Meanwhile, Corteva Africa and Middle East President Prabdeep Bajwa said the company decided to operate in Zambia because it is a hub of agricultural activities. Post Views: 26
News Source: ZNBC

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