Zambians should brace for negative political campaign mounted by the Cartel, which has regrouped and is intent on undermining the judiciary, executive and political process.
The issue with the British government is an indication of the collusion that is being undertaken to demonise the Chinese and in the process undermine government credibility.
Politicians including ZRP President Wright Musoma, have warned that the cartel which is bent on avenging the current Government and ensuring that it is removed from power is back.
This follows a number of calamities that have rocked the country, including the recent riots that claimed a life at the University of Zambia.
Bishops Council of Zambia (BCZ) secretary general Able Kaela and former UPND deputy spokesperson Edwin Lifwekelo said in separate interviews that the cartel was back to cause havoc in the country.
Both Mr Lifwekelo and Bishop Kaela warned that the cartel would stop at nothing to see a legitimately elected Government ousted from power. They called on law enforcement officers to be vigilant because the cartel was coming up with new schemes daily to destabilise the country.
“The cartel has regrouped, they are back and this time with more vigour for vengeance and new tricks. They will stop at nothing to see to it that a legitimately elected government is removed from power. The police really have to be vigilant,” Mr Lifwekelo said. Mr Lifwekelo said that the poverty and hardship that some disgruntled individuals were using to instigate pandemonium was as a result of their selfish dealings.
And Bishop Kaela warned the police against fighting the cartel with kids’ gloves, saying that some disgruntled politicians were being treated like sacred cows.
He said that the investigative wings should not treat the recent happenings in the country in isolation as they were interlinked.
Bishop Kaela reiterated that the disturbances and other evil incidents which had rocked the country were all schemes of the cartel working against Government.
He also warned that the cartel might have infiltrated the civil service and that there was need for an investigation which should not leave any stone unturned.
Meanwhile, former UPND spokesperson Edward Mumbi demanded that revelations that a truck delivered tyres at a dumpsite within UNZA campus  prior to the riot breaking out should be thoroughly investigated.
Mr Mumbi also said that suspicions that an invisible hand instigated the recent riot at UNZA should not be overlooked by investigative agencies.

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