Even a blind man could have easily given an off side, What those referees did is rubbish-Mathews Phiri

Circuit City boss Mathews Phiri was left fuming after his team lost 3-2 away in Ndola at the hands of Forest Rangers. The ever calm coach was disappointed with the decision by the Rodrick Ng’andu led refereeing team to allow Austin Muwowo’s goal to stand as he felt it should have been an off side call.

The Former Airmen boss went further to suggest that a random person from Chibolya Compound or a blind man could have easily ruled out Muwowo’s goal for off side.

“Gentlemen be fair in your reporting you are reporters . The referees are not going to improve because you follow the mistakes they make. Have we lost? From an off side goal. Pick someone from Chibolya he would have blown for an injury offside, Be factual in your reporting the referees are going to improve . Just because the final score was 3-2 does not mean we have gone six goals in row,” Phiri told the ZamFoot crew in a post match interview.

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” Tomorrow write in the papers what I have told you. The third goal for Forest Rangers was an offside the game was ssuppose to end 2-2. If you were the coach were going to be happy with the third goal?” He added.

Circuit City are third from bottom in Stream B but their gaffer feels refereeing decisions are the major reasons for his teams misfortunes.

” I’m telling you that what those referees have done is rubbish . I’m complaining what they have done is rubbish. We waste money to travel and lose due to poor refereeing .Am no going to accept that we have lost. If you were the coach would you accept the third goal ? , No,” He said.

Phiri continued “Am sorry we have not lost six games in a row.To me if you bring someone from Chibolya or A blind man from the streets he couldn’t have allowed the third goal, So how do you call it the sixth loss?. Was that not an off side ?”

The hosts broke the deadlock after 25 minutes through Laurent Muma who scored from close range to put Malembe one nil up. The lead lasted only for three minutes as Augustine Maozeka equalised for City in the 28th minute.

In the second half Forest Rangers only needed three minutes to take the lead again with Zikiru Adams benefiting from a break down in defence to score with an easy close range finish.

Controversy began in the last 10 minutes, Forest Rangers star player Austin Muwowo doubled the lead in the 80th minute after he ‘beat’ an offside trap and found himself in acres of space before chipping the Circuit City goalkeeper. Austin Muwowo however looked to have been in an off side situation something that irked the Circuit City boss.

Zambia U23 national team forward Biston Banda scored from the spot three minutes later after a Forest Rangers defender was wrongfully judged to have handled the ball in the area, 3-2 the match ended.

Forest Rangers 3-2 Circuit City

(L.Muma 25′,Z.Adams 48′,A.Muwowo 80’|A.Maozeka 28′,B.Banda 83′)

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