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“EU Launches €46 Million Green Nexus Programme in Zambia”

… This initiative aims to foster sustainable development in the face of environmental challenges.

By Francis Maingaila

Lusaka, Zambia24 (25-04-2024) – The European Union (EU) has initiated the €46 million Green Nexus Programme in partnership with international collaborators to address environmental challenges and foster sustainable development in Zambia.

Collins Nzovu, Minister of Green Economy and Environment, outlined the program’s objectives, which include tackling climate change, biodiversity loss, and water scarcity while integrating environmental sustainability with economic development and social well-being.

Key projects under this program include Sustainable Landscape through Integrated Management (SLIM), Integrated Water Catchment Management and Landscape Protection in Zambia (AWARE 2.0), and Enhancing Livelihoods and Smallholder Agricultural Markets (ELSAM).

Nzovu emphasized Zambia’s ambitious Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions and adapt to climate change effects, highlighting the importance of partnership with the EU in achieving climate action and sustainable development goals.

He underscored the significance of sustainable forest management and the launch of the Green Growth Strategy to stimulate economic growth through responsible resource management.

“The Green Nexus Programme envisions a climate-resilient, inclusive, and prosperous future for Zambia’s natural resources and its people,” said Karolina Stasiak, Ambassador for the European Union to Zambia and COMESA.

The EU’s Global Gateway Strategy aligns the Green Nexus Programme with the European Green Deal, aiming to build resilience, promote sustainable agriculture, and empower smallholder farmers in Zambia.

Through strategic partnerships and diverse funding, the programme aims to improve coordinated natural resource management, empower women and youth, and leverage technology for lasting environmental and economic benefits.

By 2027, the program aims to bolster ecosystem resilience, uplift livelihoods, boost participation in sustainable value chains, introduce sustainable management practices, preserve ecosystems, and generate income opportunities for local communities.

H.E. Radek RubeÅ¡, Czech Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, announced that the Green Nexus Programme aligns with the EU’s Global Gateway Strategy and European Green Deal.

The programme aims to enhance resilience, promote sustainable agricultural development, and empower smallholder farmers in Zambia.

The comprehensive Nexus programme covers Agriculture, Forestry, Biodiversity, Water, and Climate, and includes the SLIM project, which preserves Zambia’s diverse biodiversity.

The programme prioritizes partnerships with Zambian institutions, empowers women and youth, and leverages technology to ensure lasting environmental and economic benefits.

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