“Energy/ERB confer with OMC to Address Petroleum Supply Challenges”

Lusaka. Zambia24 ,(15-05-2024) – Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs) convened with the Minister of Energy and the Energy Regulation Board (ERB).

The ERB, tasked with determining, regulating, and reviewing energy sector tariffs and charges, conducts monthly reviews of petroleum product prices to ensure supply security.

The purpose of the meeting was to address reported petroleum supply challenges in Zambia during May 2024 and seek lasting solutions.

Attended by the Honourable Minister of Energy, Ministry officials, ERB Board members and staff, as well as representatives from various OMCs responsible for petroleum importation, distribution, and retail, the gathering aimed to discuss these challenges comprehensively.

During the meeting, OMCs received assurance from the government and regulatory bodies that concerted efforts were underway to resolve their challenges.

Potential solutions discussed included issuing tenders for the Open Access use of the TAZAMA pipeline to facilitate product importation by various OMCs.

During the meeting, the OMCs were assured that Government together with the regulator is working hard to ensure their challenges are resolved.

Some of the efforts being considered include the issuance of tenders for the Open Access use of the TAZAMA pipeline to enable various OMCs import product by pipeline.

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