EL justifies distribution of relief food during by-elections

President Edgar Lungu says government has the responsibility to deliver relief food to hunger stricken areas with or without by-elections being held.

Speaking when he addressed a rally at Mugurameno primary school in Chiawa to drum up support for PF candidate in the Kafue Council Chairperson by election Brigadier General Moono Simakoloyi, President Lungu says government has the responsibility to ensure that no Zambian dies of hunger.

He says government will provide relief food to people in need anywhere in the country.

President Lungu says government will not listen to cries of the opposition accusing the party of buying votes using relief food.

He says people will be given relief food, stating that no Zambian deserves to die of hunger.

And President Lungu has promised the people of Chiawa Which falls under Kafue district  that government will immediately after the by-election sink boreholes in the area.

He has also promised to improve infrastructure at Mugurameno primary school and the roads in the area.

President Lungu says government does not want to leave anyone behind in terms of development.

He has since urged the people of Chiawa to vote for General Simakoloyi who he says will have easy access to State house.

President Lungu says General Simakoloyi is hardworking that working with him will change things in Kafue district.

Earlier President Lungu met with Chieftainess Chiawa and Chief Chipepo whom He assured that relief food has been dispatched to the area.

And Chief Chipepo says government has responsibility to provide food to people who do not have food.

He says election or no election people need food.

News source: QFM Radio

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