“Education for All”

… MTN Makes a Commitment to Illuminate the Path for All Through Education”

By Francis Maingaila

Choongwe, Zambia24 (10-06-2024) – MTN Zambia has made a bold commitment to bridge the educational gap between urban and rural areas, ensuring children in remote regions receive the same quality of education as their urban counterparts. This pledge was solidified with the refurbishment of Nchute Primary School in Chongwe District.

Speaking at the Yello Care ground-breaking ceremony on Monday, MTN Zambia Chief Executive Officer Abbad Reda said that the initiative extends beyond physical improvements.

“It’s about creating a ripple effect of empowerment and opportunity that lasts for generations,” he stated. The campaign, he added, aims to integrate technology into rural education, igniting the potential of future leaders.

In addition to infrastructure, MTN Zambia will provide digital, financial, and literacy skills training to women and youth in the surrounding areas.

“The importance of these skills in today’s world cannot be overstated,” Reda said.

The 30 Days of Y’ello Care Initiative, an extension of MTN’s annual 21-day campaign, marks both the 17th year of the initiative and the company’s 30th anniversary, allowing for more significant community impact.

Nchute Primary School Head Teacher Tyson Hachilangu commended MTN Zambia for addressing the school’s challenges, including inadequate staff accommodation, limited classrooms, and water supply issues.

“This gesture will go a long way in leveling the educational playing field for our learners,” Hachilangu said.

Her Worship, Deputy Mayor Ms. Anita Kamanga, highlighted the anticipated benefits of the renovation.

“Modern classrooms will provide a safe and comfortable learning environment, motivating pupils to strive for excellence,” she said.

Kamanga also praised the dedication of the school’s teachers, acknowledging their pivotal role in the students’ success despite the school’s resource constraints.

The theme for this year’s campaign, “Learn Today, Lead Tomorrow: Education for Rural and Remote Communities,” underscores the initiative’s focus on long-term educational empowerment.

By extending the campaign to 30 days, MTN Zambia aims to make a substantial and lasting impact in communities across six provinces: Lusaka, Western, Eastern, Southern, Copperbelt, and North-Western.

The 30 Days of Y’ello Care Initiative is more than just a campaign; it represents a movement to intertwine technology with rural education, thereby nurturing the leaders of tomorrow.

Through this comprehensive approach, MTN Zambia is not just connecting people but also empowering them with the knowledge and skills necessary to thrive in today’s world.

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