ECZ Under Attack To Discredit Polls

ECZ1THE current anti-Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) crusade is a well calculated and deliberate attempt by the cartel aimed at denting the good image of the commission, Campaigns for Clean Politics executive director Justine Katongo has said.

And Katongo has charged that allegations suggesting that the commission was planning to rig the 11th August general elections are baseless insinuations intended to create fear in the commission.

And Katongo urged Zambians not to entertain such claims because no evidence had been produced to prove such.

Katongo has challenged those who were accusing ECZ of planning to rig elections to provide evidence.

He told a press briefing in Lusaka yesterday that the baseless allegations and insinuation were just intended at creating fear in the Commission.

“Those that are agitating for violence and bloodshed should stop immediately. Campaigns have just started and for someone to say we will not accept the results if we lose means that they, themselves, have already put in place mechanisms with the same ECZ to rig the elections.

“Let us all remember that in every election there is always a winner and the loser,” Mr Katongo said. He urged whoever would lose the forthcoming elections to just accept the people’s decision.

“To say we will not accept the results is belittling the voters’ individual thinking capacity of making an informed decision. It is, therefore, our humble appeal to all politicians that there is need for you people to choose what you say, when and where. Otherwise, posterity will judge you harshly should your tongues set this country on fire,” Katongo said.

He said the public was expecting transparent, free and fair elections to enhance democracy.

Katongo said CCP strongly felt that the electoral process had been very transparent.

He said ECZ had tried to move with every stakeholder through the voters’ register preparations and commended the Commission for their resilience under the circumstances. “Information distortion by political players about our electoral system, vote buying, violence, intimidation and corruption are serious threats to any electoral process anywhere in the world and plays a significant role on the voter’s perception on the legitimacy of any such electoral process,” he said.

He said the fears created in the voters arising from the threats alluded to earlier tend to seriously influence the vote turn out.

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