February 14, 2020February 14, 202031By Hector Simfukwe:President Edgar Lungu has thanked Chief Munkanta of the Chishinga people of Kawambwa District for offering land where the Kara marine Baracks has been built.President Lungu says Chiefs should be supporting government whenever it asks for land for developmental purposes.President Lungu said this when he met some Chiefs from Luapula province before Commissioning Kala barrack in Kawambwa.The Head of State further said government asks for land from Chiefs for the benefits of the people.President Lungu said his government wants to take development to all parts of the country especially rural areas like Kawambwa.And speaking on behalf of Chief Munkanta, Ministry of Chiefs District Officer Michael Sichinga said the people of Kawambwa and Luapula are grateful for the many developments being undertaken in Luapula province.Chief Munkanta said the construction of the Barack in Kawambwa will Foster development in the area. Post Views: 31
News Source: ZNBC

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