(NAIS) Fisheries and Livestock Minister Nkandu Luo says the introduction of the Stocking and Restocking Programme through the Enhanced Small-Holder Livestock Investment Programme (E-SLIP) will help to eradicate poverty levels at household level.

Professor Luo says the empowerment programme will also help improve the nutrition status of both the adults and children.

The Minister was speaking when she handed over livestock which include 500 chickens, 40 cows and 31 goats valued at more 250 thousand Kwacha to women, youths and the disabled in Kaputa District of Northern Province.

And Kaputa Member of Parliament, Maxas Ng’onga said the program will complement crops and the declining fish stocks in the district.

Mr. Ng’onga emphasized on the need for more programmes that are aimed at moving the people out of poverty.

And one of the beneficiaries, Solo Choomba commended government for empowering him with livestock.

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