Dundumwezi In Double Zamtel Tower Launch

DUNDUMWEZI Constituency in Kalomo district of Southern Province was a hive of activity the past two days as Zamtel launched two communication towers at different locations in the area.The people there, mostly maize farmers put their businesses on hold to join the two- day festivities at Omba and Kasukwe Primary Schools.Some of the people talked to traveled long distances just to witness the celebrations. Even those that herd cattle were seen stopping to catch a glimpse of the colorful events that were spiced with song and dance by local music stars including Real J whose Tonga lyrics excite people.One of the residents, Diploma Munsanje in an interview recalled how in the past, people climbed trees in order to access phone network.A delighted Munsanje thanked Zamtel for the gesture adding that previously people covered long distances to purchase airtime and make phone calls in Kalomo town.“We used to spend a lot of money just to stay connected with family and friends. The town is far and as you can see the roads are bad so what Zamtel has done here is commendable. We need better roads now, ” he said.And Eric Winana, a youth who sells Zamtel simcards and cell phones said the launch of the two towers will greatly improve his business since more people are expected to purchase phones now.People bought phones and Zamtel Simcards as the launch unfolded at both locations.During the launch at Kasakwe Primary School, Chief Chikanta hailed Zamtel for constructing the two new towers in his chiefdom.He said communication in his area linked farmers to other stakeholders.” We want Zamtel to go a step further and provide internet in schools. We have grade nine pupils that are doing ICT and they need to use internet,” the chief appealed.And Chief Siachiteme also commended Zamtel for the towers saying previously, his subjects used to climb hills and trees to make phone calls.Zamtel Chief Executive Officer, Sydney Mupeta pledged to provide an internet rooter as well as three computers for the school.The announcement was made amid cheers considering that earlier, Chief Chikanta appealed for school internet services.Mr Mupeta further disclosed that the site supports 3G and 4G internet and that therefore, people were able to access internet around the school.He said Kalomo district will have 18 communication towers in total under the phase II of the GRZ communication tower project.And Zamtel Board Chairman Danny Luswili reaffirmed the mobile network’s commitment to the needs of customers at community level.Meanwhile, Southern Province Deputy Permanent Secretary Kennedy Mubanga said government was committed to achieving the 7th national development plan with priory focus on ICT development.He said mobile voice penetration would significantly improve people’s lives in Dundumwezi and the entire Kalomo district.Earlier on Wednesday, Southern Province Permanent Secretary Mwangala Liomba graced the launch at Omba Primary School.And School Head Teacher, Alex Kali urged people to guard the tower jealously.The first Zamtel communication tower in Dundumwezi was launched early this year at Mubanga Secondary School.1009 Zamtel towers will be constructed country-wide under Phase II of the GRZ tower project. Post Views: 1

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