Disqualify Lundazi Independent, ECZ Urged

ECZ1The Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) has been called upon to consider disqualifying Lundazi Central independent parliamentary candidate Evans Ngoma who has withdrawn his earlier resignation from the Patriotic Front.

Governance Activist Isaac Mwanza says unlike Councilors who stand as Independents while belonging to political parties of their choice, Article 51 (a) of the Constitution requires that candidates who stand as Independents must not be members of a political party before the date of the election.

He says it will be impartial and honorable for the ECZ to notify the candidate that by withdrawing his earlier resignation from the PF, and pledging his unwavering commitment to the PF, he ceases to be an Independent and as such is disqualified from participating in elections.

He has also called on President Edgar Lungu who has sworn to defend the Constitution to go ahead and defend the Constitution from its abrogation by Ngoma.

Mwanza says the ECZ must avoid being seen to be selectively applying the law, adding that its decisive action on the matter will send the message to the public that it is not politically compromised or selective in implementing the law.

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