A catastrophe is looming at the Luanshya Copper Mines where a entire bunch of illegal miners armed with picks and steel rods are risking their lives by digging for copper and chrome at one of many mine’s two Dusky Mountains.
The illegal miners, who are largely youths, score over the final months dug plenty of underground caves in leer copper and chrome in unsafe stipulations.
One in every of the leaders of the illegal miners’ Bernard Mulenga, who is mostly called PISTO, says the puny-scale miners possibility their lives hunting for a residing.
Mr. Mulenga, who is a old-long-established convict, says by illegal mining, they make cash to feed their households and rob youngsters to varsity.
He told ZNBC Info that no subject the risks of being buried alive, poverty forces them to enact illegal work to take cash.
One more illegal miner Evans Kabanda has asked President Edgar Lungu to imagine giving the copper rich slug dump in Luanshya to the youths.
Mr. Kabanda talked about merely cherish he did to the youths of Kitwe, President LUNGU will score to level-headed imagine empowering youths in Luanshya with the 2 Dusky Mountains to sever support unemployment in the mining town.
Nonetheless Luanshya District Commissioner Joel Chibuye, who neutral no longer too prolonged ago visited the positioning, expressed anguish that the persisted illegal mining at Luanshya Copper Mines will be deadly.
Mr. Chibuye talked about authorities is now determining plans to search out methods at some point of which the youths will also be helped to preserve away from illegally digging minerals in unsafe caves.

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