GOVERNMENT should diversify the economy by fully developing the agricultural sector which will lead to the establishment of manufacturing and processing industries resulting in the creation of more jobs to absorb the unemployed in the country, Catholic Bishop of Mpika Diocese Justine Mulenga has said.
Bishop Mulenga also said tourism and fish farming were some of the sectors which could contribute significantly to the development of the country and uplift the living standards of the people.
Speaking in an interview yesterday, Bishop Mulenga said Government should work towards expanding the economy through diversification on multiple fronts to create employment opportunities.
He said the country had several sectors with potential to contribute to the development of the nation as opposed to dependence on mining alone.
‘‘Government should expand the economy not only mining by other sectors of the economy to include agriculture and tourism include fish farming, among others,’’ Bishop Mulenga said.
He said a fully developed agricultural sector would lead to the establishment of manufacturing and processing industries which would create jobs for the people.
And Bishop Mulenga also appealed to Government to ensure that farming inputs were delivered to farmers in the rural areas in time.
He said early distribution of farming inputs would enhance productivity in the agricultural sector as farmers would be able to plant their seeds on time.
‘’My appeal to those responsible of providing farming to ensure that inputs are delivered to farmers in time, this will help farmers in terms of preparing for the forthcoming farming season,” he said.

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