By Lazarous Sichula

The Drug Enforcement Commission -DEC- says it will ONLY prosecute cases that it is sure of winning from the 10 frozen bank accounts.

DEC public relations officer MATHIAS KAMANGA has confirmed that the cases of the seized bank accounts have been handed over to the commission.

Mr. KAMANGA has told ZNBC news in Lusaka that the DEC is working closely with the FIC to ensure the cases reach their logical conclusion.

He said the DEC cannot however disclose the names of the individuals whose accounts were frozen as the matter is still under investigations.

Mr. KAMANGA could NOT also state whether the individuals being investigated in relation to the seized bank accounts are those from the previous government or not

He said the DEC has been investigating and prosecuting individuals for cases of money laundering even before the change of government.

The Financial Intelligence Center -FIC- recently disclosed that it has given actionable intelligence to law enforcement agencies on the 10 frozen bank accounts.

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