DEC arrests two people for trafficking cannabis weighing 659 Kilograms

A Bricklayer and a farmer of Lusaka’s Kabanana compound have been arrested by the Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) for trafficking in 11×90kgs bags and 22 pre-packed plastic bags of cannabis weighing 659.181kgs altogether.And Commission in Nakonde has arrested three people for cultivation of over one tonne of cannabis.Edward Phiri aged 32, a farmer of Kabanana Meckson Zulu aged 23, a bricklayer of the same compound compound have been arrested and jointly charged for trafficking in the drug.DEC Deputy Spokesperson Kamufisa Manchishi said the duo was intercepted in an operation which was conducted in Kabanana compound over the weekendHe said they are both currently in Police custody.Meanwhile, the Commission in Nakonde district has arrested three people for cultivation of over one  tonne of cannabis.Manchishi identified the suspects as Webby Munkondya, 24, a small-scale farmer of Dambo village in Mafinga District charged with cultivation of fresh cannabis plants weighing 750 Kgs and Aaron Kaumba, 25, a small-scale farmer of Katawela village in Mafinga District jointly charged with his father, Riffle Kaumba, 54, also a small-scale farmer of the same village for cultivation of fresh cannabis plants weighing 282 Kgs.He said the trio has since appeared for plea at the Isoka Magistrate Court. Post Views: 3,026

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