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Dangote Awards Loyal Client”

… In the Grand finale of the Paka Paka Reloaded National Sales Promotion, a fortunate man from Chililabombwe walk away with K200,000 cash

By Francis Maingaila

Lusaka, Zambia24 – (March 28, 2024) – Francis Chibamba from Chililabombwe is the recipient of the K200,000 prize in the Paka Paka Reloaded national sales promotion offered by Dangote Cement.

Vipul Argrawal, CEO of Dangote, expressed gratitude to the customers who participated in the competition.

He mentioned that the company has rewarded over 110 winners with K1000 each for simply purchasing Dangote cement, demonstrating a profound appreciation for loyal patrons.

Additionally, he emphasized the company’s dedication to excellence, stressing the importance of constructing homes and business establishments on a solid foundation of quality cement.

Dangote Cement Zambia concluded the highly anticipated National Sales Campaign, “Paka Paka Reloaded,” with an impressive giveaway of K450,000 in cash and consolation prizes to over 150 lucky customers.

“Today, amidst much excitement, one fortunate customer emerged as the grand prize winner, walking away with an astounding K200,000 in cash, simply for purchasing 10 bags of cement and participating in the draw,” expressed Argrawal enthusiastically.

“Throughout the campaign, Dangote Cement celebrated its loyal customers by conducting bi-weekly draws, where 110 individuals were awarded K1,000 each, alleviating financial strains during a period of heightened inflationary pressures,” he added.

According to Argrawal, the overwhelming success of the national sales promotion, which attracted over 25,000 entries from across Zambia, underscores the growth in the construction sector and signals a positive trajectory in the country’s infrastructure development efforts.

Mrs. Lilian S. Bwalya, representing the Ministry of Commerce, Trade, and Industry, commended the management for organizing the emotional sales promotion event and for inaugurating the four-million-year-old Brother Cement Plant in Mercedes on August 25th, positioning Zambia as an investment destination of choice.

She mentioned that as part of its African expansion strategy, Dangote Zambia has created approximately 1200 direct jobs for the community and around 3000 jobs for vendors, transporters, and service providers.

“Since the opening of its 1.5 million-tonne capacity plant, the cement market has grown in both size and competitiveness, resulting in increased quality and affordability for consumers,” she stated.

According to Bwalya, Dangote’s positive impact extends to other sectors of the economy, contributing to Zambia’s real GDP growth of 4.8 percent in 2024, despite challenges such as drought and electricity generation.

“We appreciate the company’s invaluable contribution to the construction sector over the past three years,” she remarked.

She emphasized the government’s commitment to improving the business environment through various reforms, including the introduction of investment certificate applications and online business registration.

Furthermore, she highlighted the crucial role infrastructure development plays in job creation, housing, competitiveness, and overall quality of life.

“It is also a key enabler for economic growth and development, facilitating the construction of schools, commercial properties, and infrastructure projects across all sectors,” she concluded.

“We have collaborated with various companies to expand the export market and provided considerable support to boost local commerce. Dangote Cement Zambia’s consistent quality and export performance have been instrumental in driving growth in the sector,” she added.

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