CUTs encourages consumers to get involved in the country’s diversification agenda

CUTS International Zambia Coordinator Chenai Mukumba

The Consumer Unity Trust Society (CUTS) has encouraged consumers to get involved in the country’s diversification agenda.

CUTS National Coordinator Chenai Mukumba is concerned that despite being major players in the diversification agenda, consumers have been left out with focus being placed on farmers.

Ms Mukumba notes that Zambia has a serious mono diet, and that for the status quo to change there is need for the sensitization of consumers on the need to diversify when it comes to food consumption.

She believes changing the mindset of consumers will strike a balance between the framers growing other crops away from maize and those crops being bought by the locals for consumption.

Ms Mukumba states that this will also help increase the nutrition levels of the country.

News source: QFM Radio

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