“CSPR’s Approach to Advocating for Poverty Reduction”

… Tembatemba says this is a collaborative effort towards Social Protection

By Francis Maingaila

Lusaka, Zambia24 (06/03/2024) – Civil Society for Poverty Reduction (CSPR) has pledged its commitment to collaborating with all stakeholders, including the media, the church, and traditional leaders, in advocating for poverty reduction through progressive social protection measures.

During the commencement of a half-day consultative meeting at the Grand Palace Hotel, Fides Tembatemba, the executive director for CSPR, emphasized the need to enhance comprehension, dialogue, and cooperation among civil society organizations (CSOs) and media regarding the significance of ratifying the AU Protocol on Social Security and Social Protection.

Tembatemba noted that despite progress in poverty alleviation, thousands of individuals continue to encounter significant challenges in their daily existence.

CSPR, in collaboration with the Zambian Government and the African Platform for Social Protection, organized workshops to advocate for the ratification of the AU Protocol on Social Protection, aiming to empower Zambians and address the social and economic challenges they face.

Tembatemba stressed the need for civil society organizations (CSOs) and other like-minded entities to contribute to national security and sustainable development, emphasizing that comprehensive social protection initiatives are essential investments in future generations rather than mere expenses.

She called for collaboration between civil society organizations and the media to advocate for such initiatives, stressing the urgency of the matter and the need for the speedy ratification of the AU Protocol on Social Protection.

Tembatemba outlined CSPR’s role as facilitating collaboration between CSOs and government institutions focusing on social protection policies and programs. She mentioned the initiative’s aim to collaborate with other CSOs to expand its reach and impact, prioritizing the identification and support of platforms across the continent for learning and information sharing.

Highlighting the recent engagement with the International Labour Organization (ILO), she emphasized the importance of aligning efforts and amplifying the collective voice while tailoring approaches to address local needs and standardizing advocacy issues.

She stressed the urgency of implementing effective frameworks due to the absence of robust social protection measures, emphasizing the importance of learning from other countries’ experiences and leveraging instruments.

Social protection was emphasized as a fundamental right ensuring dignity and security for all, with crucial integration into broader strategies, especially during crises.

Addressing disparities, particularly concerning women’s healthcare needs, was deemed essential, underscoring the vital collaboration between governments, businesses, and civil society for establishing comprehensive social protection systems.

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