CSO Battle Referendum; Donít Want It Held Alongside Election

President Lungu-NGOCCNon Governmental Organizations are not letting up on their fight to halt the referendum being held alongside the August 11 elections.

The NGOs have long been the most vocal supporters of the referendum and were mute at the time the move to hold it alongside general elections was announced and only came out of their cocoons once it was confirmed for August 11.

Forty NGOs have vowed to fight and ensure that the referendum is postponed beyond elections.

The NGOs converged under the banner of the Non Governmental Coordinating Council with board chairperson Sara Longwe reading out the resolutions.

Among the points of contest is that there has not been adequate sensitization of the public on the contents of the bill of rights.

She said that article 79 should not be repealed and replaced before the public understood the implications.

Longwe said the symbols for the Yes and No votes that has the ear and the eye were not clear enough for anyone going to vote.

Government has announced that the referendum will be held alongside general elections with the Electoral Commission of Zambia having already set in motion the process leading to the referendum.

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