Covid19 Bond Backed

By Logic Lukwanda


Economist Noel Nkhoma has backed government’s move to start the process of acquiring an K8 Billion Covid-19 bond as approved by cabinet.

Government has started this process and has so far issued K5.2 Billion, through the bank of Zambia and some of the funds to be raised from the covid-19 bond will be used to pay off retirees and those on the separates payroll who have been waiting for their benefits for a long time.

And Mr Nkhoma says this step despite increasing government debt, will help reboot the economy as it has been done by several African countries to improve economies that are in recession like the Zambian case is.

Mr Nkhoma told Phoenix News that this will help increase liquidity in the economy as the demand of goods and services will be triggered upward and ease the liquidity lock-down.




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