President Edgar Lungu has assured the nation that he will continue to cautiously ease restrictions on some economic activities.To this effect, President Lungu says he will continue to ensure a balance between managing the COVID-19, and avoiding economic collapse.Meanwhile, President Lungu has also stated that evidence has  proved that the COVID-19 could become endemic, just like other ailments like Malaria, hence the need for the people to begin to learn to live with the pandemic.He has said this today in his national address on COVID-19, during which he also announced that 54 new cases have been recorded in the last 24 hours, bringing the national total to 9-hundred and 20.The President has explained that in the past days, he has taken time to observe for himself, the impact of COVID-19 on various sectors of the economy, but as well, on the well-being of the people.And from his findings, he has said it has been prudent to allow some socio-economic activities, such as those in the tourism and education sectors, but all amid tight adherence to COVID-19 guidelines.Meanwhile, President Lungu has directed General Education Minister, David Mabumba and his counterparts in Health and Local Government to ensure the schools are safe as they partially reopen on June 1.On the reopening of colleges and universities, the President said consultation among all stakeholders are still on-going, just like the case is on the bars which remain closed.The President has further stated that the past months of COVID-19 have presented several lessons for government, however, it is not prudent to suspend everything, but allow a cautious continuation of socio-economic activities.President Lungu has since reiterated his appeal on some businesses to consider normal operations, but within strict adherence to COVID-19 guidelines. Post Views: 44
News Source: ZNBC

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