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Court Orders Review Of A Hunting Concession


By Hannock Kasama

The Court of Appeal has issued a 14 day ultimatum to commence Judicial Review in a matter where Mopane Safari Limited and the Zambia Community Resources Board Association Limited have contested the cancellation of hunting concessions in MUSALANGU Game Management.

The verdict has reversed the earlier High Court ruling where the two companies were denied leave for Judicial Review.

The Court of Appeal has rejected the application by the two firms to stay the re-opening of bids for 18 other game reserves whose tenders have been allegedly cancelled by the Ministry of Tourism.

The Court has ruled that the plaintiffs have not demonstrated sufficient interest in the 18 Game Reserves as their contention is restricted to MUSALANGU Game Management.

The judgment has been delivered by Court of Appeal Judge JUSTINE CHASHI, sitting with Judges MWIINDE SIAVWAPA and SHARPE PHIRI.

Earlier in  the statement of claim, Mopane Safari Limited and  the Zambia  Community Resources Board  Association Limited  alleged  that  Ministry of  Tourism Permanent Secretary  EVANS MUHANGA illegally cancelled their hunting concession in MUSALANGU Game  Management.

The plaintiffs claimed that their hunting concession tender awarded on March 5, 2022 was cancelled by Mr. MUHANGA on May 4, 2022.

They further claimed that the move is contrary to Section 71 of the Wildlife Act.

However in the counter claim, Attorney General MULILO KABESHA submitted that there was no notification that the two companies were awarded hunting concession in MUSALANGU Game Management.

Mr .KABESHA also submitted that Mr. MUHANGA did not overstep his authority by cancelling the hunting concession tender in question because he is vested with such power as a controlling officer.

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