Congolese National Abducts Child over Unpaid Debt

Police in Kitwe have launched a manhunt for a Congolese national for allegedly abducting a one year six months old child in Bulangililo Township.

Copperbelt Police Commissioner Charity Katanga said the suspect who has only been identified as Patrick is currently on the run alongside the one year six months old child

She has explained that the incident happened when the suspect went to collect money owed to him by father to the one year six month child.

Katanga explains that upon failure to find the father to the child, the Congolese national then parted away with the child on condition that his money is paid back to him.

“Brief facts are that the father to the abducted child owes the Congolese K3, 000. When this Congolese went to ask for his money, he was told that Lincoln (father to the abducted child) was out in Chembe. He then decided to leave but when leaving the house; the mother did not see that the Congolese had carried the child. When the mother noticed that the child was not at home, she suspected the Congolese. Since she had the number for the Congolese, she called him. The Congolese responded that he had carried the Child and will only bring back the child after offsetting the credit,” Katanga said.

She added that the mother pleaded that the child be brought back since she had no knowledge of the debt.

“The Congolese refused to return the child that unless the condition was met. This is when she decided to report the matter at Riverside police,” Katanga added.

She said police have opened a docket and a manhunt for the Congolese national has been launched.

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