Citizen Entrepreneurs Development Program launched

Dr. Habazoka says this initiative is commercial in nature and open to all Zambians regardless of their affiliation

By Francis Maingaila

Lusaka (01-07-2020) The Economic Association of Zambia (EAZ) has officially launched  the Zambia Citizen Entrepreneurs Development Programme’ aimed at enhancing wealth creation through the promotion of entrepreneurship.
Association president Lubinda Haabazoka told journalists in Lusaka on Wednesday that the initiative was born out of consultations with various government departments at the highest level.
Dr. Habazoka EAZ has no intention to compete with the Citizens Economic Empowerment Commission (CEEC) on empowering the citizens but to complement each other in building the national wealth.
Dr. Haabazoka said the consultations were also made with the private sector and the response is very overwhelming.
Dr. Haabazoka said the EAZ  began the initiative to promote suitability and add value to businesses being run in the country.
The EAZ has launched this initiative now because this is the time when the country can take advantage of prevailing environments to make money.
He said the initiative brings together the public and private sector in supporting business creation through the provision of funds, business skills, capacity building, input support on commercial terms and provision of market for goods produced.
“This initiative is designed especially for women and youth groups and takes advantage of the President’s directive to enhance local participation in the retail sector. We call upon all stakeholders including various funders to come on board to realise this grandiose project. The Project will be private sector led,” he said.
The outbreak of COVID-19 has provided an opportunity to make wealth as a nation and the EAZ will ensure that loses are brought to the minimum level.
This is a private sector led programs with the support of government called to help the country to come up with a good deal.
He said the program is going to work at the Chiefdom level where the people are facing poverty amidst the riches present in the area.
“Citizens wishing to participate can contact the Economics Association of Zambia. We shall soon be giving further guidance on the implementation on modalities with regards to participation in this guide. We would like to thank government and the private sector for the positive feedback over this initiative.”
Dr. Haabazoka stated that the project focuses on key sectors such as agri-business, mining and Urban Development Modules.
The EAZ President said the association will not tolerate any politics when implementing this programme as it is aimed at helping the people of Zambia.
“This initiative is commercial in nature and open to all Zambians regardless of tribe, race, political affiliation or religious affiliation. The Association will not tolerate the politicizing of this initiative. The programme will be implemented by the private sector with the support of state and nonstate actors,” he added.
He further stated that this is a baby of the Economic Summit that was held in 2018.
And Mahogany Air Chief Executive Officer Jim Belemu said the country needs home grown solutions to deal with some of the challenges faced by the people.
He said such an initiative is good as it is aimed at changing the face of the country.
Meanwhile EAZ Secretary General Mutisinge Zulu Secretary General endorsed the pronouncement by the association president.
He said the employment has changed the status quo and economic advisory body is looking for ways to find solutions to the problem.
He said the organisation has came up with a youths empowerment initiative for the youths.

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