THE entire Patriotic Front Chongwe district and constituency executive committees have endorsed the candidature of Lusaka lawyer Germano Kaulung’ombe for the position of Lusaka PF Province vice chairman.
The endorsement was confirmed at Mr. Kaulung’ombe’s launch of his campaign in Chongwe on Wednesday.
Most of the ruling party officials in attendance based their support for Mr. Kaulung’ombe on the success of his land empowerment programme, which has benefitted a number of people in the district.
Addressing the delegates, Mr. Kaulung’ombe said he was overwhelmed by their support and noted that he had come a long way with them in his land empowerment and other programmes aimed at uplifting people’s livelihood.
“We managed to achieve what we did because I knew that you were behind me.
“Let’s work together so  you, as one family, help me to get into the party structures. We need to continue with our empowerment programmes for the benefit of everyone,” Mr. Kaulung’ombe said.
He said though some mistakes might have been made  in the empowerment programmes, there is still room to correct everything and do better. He added that he was already addressing a number of concerns that people in Chongwe had on the empowerment programmes.
Mr. Kaulung’ombe said he would continue to work towards uplifting the livelihood of vulnerable people, especially women and youths, “because begging for alms is an insult to women.” Speaking at the same event, PF Chongwe  district chairman Evans Mhambi said Mr. Kaulung’ombe had shown respect to people of Chongwe by launching his campaign in the district.
Mr. Mhambi, however said candidates vying for various positions in the ruling party will be voted for based on the record of their achievements for  the people and the party.
He assured Mr. Kaulung’ombe of votes from the Chongwe PF members.
And PF Chongwe District Vice Secretary Nebert Shawa said Mr. Kaulung’ombe’s hardworking attributes were there for everyone to witness.
“You are a fighter… and this house will give you 100 percent votes,” Mr. Shawa said.

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