Chiyangi: The game plan is to win every game

By Jane Mwemba | April 6, 2019

The second half of the transional league is already underway and choma outfit Green Eagles are already on the Copperbelt ahead of their encounter against power dynamos.

Speaking to Reporters after the training session Aggrey Chiyangi has declared his team ready for the game.

“The team is ready for the game against dynamos all the players are looking forward to the game,we won power in the first round but for me as a coach is to win every game, he said

” we know power is one of the best teams in the country and we know it won’t be easy but the players have been talked to and we told them not to underrate power.

The Green Eagles Steward also added that the team is in one accord, ” the morale is very high and everyone wants to win the game so that we continue our journey of playing continental footnall.

Eagles are second with 17 points and power dynamos have 16 on the fourth position in Stream B.



Power Dynamos vs Green Eagles


Arthur Davies Stadium

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