Chiwempala Riots Again

Copperbelt Police Commissioner Charity Katanga says residents of Chiwempala have rioted again  looting shops and destroying property.Ms Katanga  says this was before Police reinforcements from nearby towns came in, to calm the situation.  And, Paul Shalala reports that the Zambia Police Service has intensified patrols in Chingola’s Chiwempala area which  recorded suspected ritual attacks in the past one month.A check by a ZNBC News Crew this morning found hundreds of armed Police officers combing Chiwempala through foot and motorised patrols.The heavy presence of Police in the area has reassured residents of their safety.As Police officers patrolled the area, hundreds of Chiwempala residents marched peacefully chanting slogans calling for peace.The residents, some of whom jumped on Police vehicles, said they are tired of violence and want to live in peace.Meanwhile, Chingola Member of Parliament Mathew Nkhuwa   has donated a Toyota Hilux to Chiwempala Police Station to help Police Patrol the compound.Mr Nkhuwa , who is also Energy Minister, sent his wife Rose to hand over the vehicle to Chingola Police Officer Commanding Peter Miselo .Mr Nkhuwa  said the area Member of Parliament is concerned about the insecurity in the area and wants Police officers to be mobile.Meanwhile, Police in Chingola have started sensitising Chiwempala residents on dangers of violence.Officers are holding impromptu meetings were they are adviseing residents not  to resort to riots. Post Views: 27
News Source: ZNBC

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