Chitotela Warns Museums Board To “Pull Up Socks”

Tourism and Arts Minister Ronald Chitotela says the National Museums Board should pull up its socks or face the boot.

Chitotela has wondered why the country has museums with a board yet nothing is seen from the museums.

He said in Luanshya that if nothing is done, he will use his authority to dissolve the board.

“That is a good question, but we have engaged the museums board. They know what I said. They need to pull up their socks, of face the boot. We can’t have museums, yet nothing is seen. We have the Copperbelt Museum in Ndola, what is know about that? Yet we have a board? We have told them to pull up their socks,” Chitotela warned.

“We are not giving them any ultimatum, they know, but they should just pull up their socks. I have the authority and if nothing is done, I can dissolve the board.”

He said the Copperbelt Province has a lot of potential to attract tourists.

“We can’t just focus on known areas. Copperbelt has a lot of potential and we need to utilise it so well. So we have identified all the sites on the province, and very soon, I will visit all to check what they have to offer to grow the sector.”

He said there is also need to promote mining tourism.

Chitotela said the zoo which was in Kitwe at the Freedom Park will be reestablished.

“We need to grow the mining tourism. I pray to God that if we have enough resources, we will promote local tourism. We need to transport some animals from the national parks to the zoo to be established in Kitwe,” said Chitotela.

News source: Zambia Reports

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