Chisamba Headmen Nabbed Over Relief Food

Three Headmen of Malombe area in Chisamba District have been arrested for allegedly extorting money from vulnerable families in exchange for relief food.Chisamba District Commissioner, Martin Chowa disclosed to ZNBC News that the Police have since recovered four thousand kwacha from the headmen.Mr. Chowa named the Headmen as Hamalombe, Chinena and Kambobe.He warned that Government will not tolerate people that want to take advantage of the vulnerable people.Mr. Chowa said the distribution of relief food is free and that Government has a responsibility of catering for affected people.He warned that all those given the responsibility to identify vulnerable families must Not take advantage of the situation because they will face the law.Mr. Chowa also urged the families not to succumb to people trying to swindle them of their money for the sake of relief food which is distributed for free to vulnerable families. Post Views: 7
News Source: ZNBC

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