By Staff Reporter

Lusaka – (30-04-2024) – The 24th Chinese Medical team has successfully concluded it’s one – year medical mission in Zambia.

Led by Zhu Changjv, the team provided treatment to close to 18,000 patients as beneficiaries to the mostly free medical services that the team rendered.

During the period April 2023 to May 2024, the team performed almost 4,000 surgeries from their approximated 20,000 examinations conducted across the country.

Using traditional Chinese acupuncture on some of their patients, the medical practitioners managed to successfully treat severe cases, including myocardial infarctions, brain tumor, severe malaria and organ dysfunction among other complicated medical ailments.

Apart from medical services, Changyu’s team also provided medical outreach services providing health education, training as well as actively conducting public health training to Zambian citizens in Provinces such as the Copperbelt and Southern.

To leave a lasting impact, team members utilized every opportunity to clinically mentor Zambian doctors and nurses, enhancing their professional skills in the medical field.

Apart from rendering such services, this team of individuals specialized in different medical fields also coordinated resources to repair the road from their base in Lusaka to Levy hospital.

It also successfully facilitated the repair of the water tower at the Livingstone medical point as well as providing regular transportation to Livingstone and Ndola in the delivery of essential medical supplies.

The team has no doubt had a successful mission in the country, leaving nothing but a positive legacy among the people.

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