(ZANIS) Fire has swept through Chifubu local court in Chifubu Township of Ndola in the early hours of today.

Copperbelt Deputy Commissioner of Police, Bothwell Namuswa has confirmed the incident to ZANIS in Ndola today.

Mr Namuswa said the fire which occurred around 01, burnt the roof and case documents.

He said the office of the clerks were all affected including the roof, however, the value of the properties burnt has not yet been established at the time of reporting as court officials had not yet arrived to ascertain the value.

Mr Namuswa said no arrest has been made so far, but investigations were still on going, as the police suspected foul play because it was discovered that the doors to the court offices were open when they arrived at the scene.

And Chifubu Ward Councilor, Kondwani Winga has confirmed the incident to ZANIS in Ndola today.

Meanwhile, Chifubu Member of Parliament, Frank Ngambi has expressed sadness over the incident.


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