Chienge Stream Contaminated

Chienge District Council has requested the Zambia Environmental Management Agency -ZEMA- to investigate a possible contamination of a stream following into Zambia from the neighbouring Democratic Republic of Congo.Chienge District Council Chairman Mpundu Mwape says villagers from over 32 villages in Luwau Ward of Chienge District in Luapula Province are drinking the contaminated water from Luwau Stream.He also disclosed that a number of fish has also been found dead in the stream.Mr. Mwape told ZNBC that the water is oily and greenish as a result of the mining activities from the Democratic Republic of Congo, where the stream emanates.Mr. Mwape has appealed to the Zambia Environmental Management Agency -ZEMA- and other relevant Government departments to move in and ascertain whether the water is fit for human consumption.He said that this is because the Stream is a source of water for surrounding villages and might affect people in the long run. Post Views: 25
News Source: ZNBC

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