Chieftainess Choongo hails Lungu

CHIEFTAINESS Choongo of the Tonga people of Southern Province has described President Edgar Lungu as ?a humble and kind person who has a heart to work for all Zambians.
The chieftainess hailed President Lungu for ensuring that there was development in her chiefdom, as well as in other parts of the country.
She prayed for Mr Lungu so that he could continue with his good works for the benefit of Zambia.
Chieftainess Choongo was ?speaking when Mr Lungu paid a courtesy call on her at her old palace before commissioning her newly-built palace.
“You have helped us in so many ways and words alone cannot explain. That house has been given to us the family of the Choongos and the chiefdom is very proud of your gesture,” she said.?
Chieftainess Choongo said her subjects were also happy with the improved road network, which had eased their difficulties in transportation.
She also thanked Mr Lungu for supporting the Lwiindi ceremony through the provision of roofing sheets and that the ceremony, which was held at the weekend, was a success.
She thanked the President for helping her during her time of illness and that this indicated how the Head of State was a caring leader.?
Mr Lungu who also held a public rally in the area said he would continue depending on traditional leaders for counsel as they were part of the country’s governance system.
He said traditional leaders were the ones governing the people because they were always in touch with them.
The President said after commissioning the traditional leader’s new palace that all Zambians deserved a decent life and he would endeavour to provide that for all Zambians. ?
He was grateful to learn that all was going well in the chiefdom.
At another rally in Monze, President Lungu said he would not condone violence in the Patriotic Front, because he was not a violent person.
“I want to tell you openly that no amount of blood shed ?for me is worth for me to be in State House. I am not worth dying for and PF is not worth dying for either. Similarly, no political party is worth dying for not even UPND,” Mr Lungu said.
He said he became the Head of State without using violence and that anyone eyeing the presidency should not use violence as a means to win elections.
Speaking in Tonga, President Lungu said, “Swebo mu PF tuyanda lumuno, tuyanda buyo lusumpuko (Us in the PF, we want peace, we want development)”.
He said the problem of violence was evident in the PF and the United Party for National Development (UPND), but that he had continued to urge his members to refrain from such acts.
“I can only pray that you talk to us as your children. I have seen that the problems are coming from these two political parties. I have been telling my people not engage in violence, but I have not heard my friend speak so forcefully to castigate his people on the vice,”  Mr Lungu said.
He reiterated that traditional leaders should help in curbing violence because Zambians want to enjoy peace and that the stories of violence, he was getting from Southern Province were worrying.
The President was in Southern Province on a two-day official visit, where he commissioned the Zambia Sugar Refinery Plant and inspected some developmental projects.

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