THE hurling of unprintables at chief government spokesperson, Dora Siliya by some unruly UNZA students is unacceptable and a sign that the university is losing its integrity, Chief Luchembe of Mpika has said.
Chief Luchembe reiterated that Ms Siliya, who is minister of Information and Broadcasting Services, was old enough to be their mother.
On Monday scores of unruly UNZA students surrounded Ms Siliya, showering her with insults until she was whisked away to her ministerial vehicle by some good Samaritans after the funeral service for Vespers Shimuzhila.
“Hule (prostitute)” the students were heard shouting at the minister.
But Chief Luchembe said that it was unfortunate that young people would insult a government official, old enough to be their mother in that matter.
The traditional leader said that there was no excuse for such ‘embarrassing’ behaviour by the students, which he warned eroded the confidence people had in the highest institution of learning.
“Nowadays, people have to think twice before taking their children to UNZA. It is because of such unacceptable behaviour that the integrity of the university is being lost. It is unfortunate for the students to insult honorable Siliya in that matter because she is old enough to be their mother,” he said.
And Chief Luchembe advised the students to find amicable ways of airing their grievances whenever they were angered.
He charged that violence was not a solution to anything and that it was unfortunate that learned people would consider that was the first option whenever they were aggrieved.
Chief Luchembe advised the students to desist from breaking innocent people’s properties or taking the law into their hands when aggrieved.
Meanwhile, chief Luchembe said that the untimely death of Ms Shimuzhila, a fourth year UNZA student who died of suffocation following a riot that erupted last Thursday night at the university was regrettable.

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