Chief Mpezani questioned for banning campaigns

File: Paramount Chief Mpezeni during N'cwala

File: Paramount Chief Mpezeni during N’cwala

Paramount Chief Mpezeni of the Ngoni people in Eastern Province has banned holding of unauthorised political rallies in his chiefdom.

ZNBC reports that Chief Mpezani was speaking when he addressed over 100 village headmen and indunas at his palace. He said he had banned unauthorised rallies in his territory because some political leaders lack respect for traditional leaders.

The Paramount Chief who has aligned himself to the ruling PF noted that some politicians had a tendency of insulting chiefs whenever they held political rallies, a move he described as painful and disrespectful.

The traditional leader charged that such behaviour is what led him to call for a meeting with his subordinate chiefs and headmen.

Reacting to the Paramount Chief’s decision, Governance expert Isaac Mwanza says:

I have deep respect for my paramount Chief Inkosi yama Nkosi Mpezeni IV. However I need to mention that these kind of pronouncements from my Chief and the reason for banning political meetings is very worrying.

The police are already struggling to understand that the law does not require them to “authorise” rallies. People are supposed to notify the police and not to get the permits.

Second, as a loyal subject, I don’t like it when people insult the royal establishment. I actually don’t like it when politicians are insulting each other using the freedom of expression. I just pray that my chiefs will remain neutral and none partisan as they have stated. This will help them not to be targets of campaigns and ridicule especially by other citizens on social media.

Chiefs however play a very big part in the development of their areas and I feel sad when I go back home and see how, if their voice is not heard by politicians, our areas remain underdeveloped. It’s inexcusable that politicians want the support of chiefs during campaigns but they didn’t value their advice during the adoption process of Parliamentary candidates. Sad!

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