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Zambia in high metal exports

TRYNESS TEMBO, Lusaka ZAMBIA has recorded an increase in the export value of metals from about K3.6 billion in April to almost K4 billion in May due to improved price of copper on the international market. The overall contribution of metals and their products to the total export earnings in May and April 2016 averaged

10 in race for L/stone parley seat

SHIKANDA KAWANGA, Livingstone LIVINGSTONE constituency is located in Southern Province and occupies an area of 688,201 square kilometres. According to the Central Statistical Office 2010 census of population and housing, Livingstone has 142,034 inhabitants, the highest in the province. The constituency is one of the biggest and most civic leaders are requesting the Electoral Commission

The use of music in elections

MUBANGA LUMPA AS Zambia edges closer to the August 11, 2016 general elections, it has become increasingly trendy for politicians to recruit musicians to promote and mobilise for support through music and musicians. This is owing to the fact that many contestants for elective positions have found music to be an ideal tool for political

Police must raise their game

Dear editor, THE Zambia Police Service should raise their game during the campaign period and stop seeing issues from the ordinary or political eye. It has become a norm for the police to blame burglary and assaults on political cadres. This is taking away their investigative skills. Thieves and robbers will take advantage of the