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Population growth rate gets mixed views

RECENTLY, we featured articles on the latest report by the Zambia Institute for Policy Analysis and Research (ZIPAR) which indicates that Zambia’s city populations are expanding at an average rate of nearly four per cent per year. Apart from the original article, there have been reactions from various sections of the readership with the last

Homosexuality ruled out of Bill of Rights

Law experts in the Ministry of Justice have cautioned people who are spreading false information on the proposed Bill of Rights that it has enshrined homosexuality. Senior Parliamentary Counsel, Kevin Mweemba, dispelled the rumours in Isoka district of Muchinga province yesterday during the ongoing country wide sensitisation campaign on the referendum. Mr Mweemba explained that

Maize smugglers have devised new routes

THE Food Reserve Agency (FRA) has bought more than 44,000 tonnes of maize countrywide since the buying exercise begun, executive director Chola Kafwabulula has said. And it has been stablished that maize smugglers are using new routes in an effort to operate under the radar of security personel. Mr Kafwabulula said the newest route used

Mwansabombwe DC concerned with political violence

Mwansabombwe District Commissioner, Victor Kasuba, has expressed sadness at the latest reports of violence among political parties in the district. Speaking to ZANIS in an interview, Kasuba, said it is quite unfortunate that despite the President’s continuous preaching about the importance of peace and holding of peaceful elections, some political parties have not heeded to that
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