DISGRUNTLED individuals who disposed of national assets for a song, should be ashamed of being in the forefront peddling lies about parastatals, and law enforcement should ensure such individuals are caged, Bishops Council of Zambia secretary general Able Kaela has said.
And Patriotic Front Kanyama constituency aspiring candidate, Chrisantius Changwereza called on the police to use their cyber team to fish out prophets of doom and fabricators of lies which could plunge the nation in turmoil.
Bishop Kaela said that desperate politicians who sold public assets at a ngwee during the privatisation process had no right to even accuse Government of selling parastatals when they fully knew that the information was not true.
He reiterated that it was all a scheme based on desperation to instigate regime change by portraying a picture that the current Government had failed the people.
Bishop Kaela, however, said that Zambians were not dull to easily forget how some individuals sold public assets such as Intercontinental Hotel in Livingstone at a pity fee and they later benefitted immensely from the sale.
He warned that all public assets would be sold to imperialists at a ngwee if such leaders were given a chance to hold public office at the highest level.
Bishop Kaela said that the appetite to dispose of public assets could still be seen from their continued propaganda to alarm the nation that key parastatals were being sold.
“That is exactly what will happen if these people are given a chance to govern. At that time it won’t be these lies we are hearing, public assets will be gone. How does someone get so brainwashed about selling public assets, it’s all they think about. This is the witchcraft I always talk about,” he said. And Mr Changwereza said that it was not surprising that evil people had continued to sponsor fake and malicious propaganda aimed at denting the image of Government.
He said that what was surprising was how the police and other relevant authorities had allowed such risky propaganda to continue.
“This misinformation is criminal and may surely get someone killed through rioting and looting,” he warned.
Mr Changwereza urged Zambians not to listen to cheap propaganda that could result in xenophobia.
Meanwhile, PF Mandevu constituency secretary Lemmy Bwalya called for the prosecution of people inciting anarchy by spreading falsehoods.
“They are doing this because they have realised that they will still be rejected by the Zambian people in 2021. But I cannot assure, the only route to State House is the ballot. Falsehoods will just land you in jail,” he said.
Mr Bwalya said that the recent riots in Kitwe should be a wake up call to the police of what falsehoods could lead to.

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