Bwale living on the edge of the sword

GBFC’S loss in Sunday’s game puts coach Charles Bwale’s job at risk as he was told to win all remaining games before second round of this short transitional league kick off and bwale promised to do so but today he has done the opposite.

The command indicated that if Bilton Musonda was fired based on not winning a league title per agreement then the appointment of Charles Bwale was clear that the team need to improve from where Biltom Musonda left them and win the league title but to the surprise the performance of the team has gone down under Charles Bwale. Bwale accepted the issue at hand and promised to work hard.

The command went ahead and told Bwale that he is not special and that should he continue recording poor results he will be fired soon without any hesitation.

To my disappointment when Bwale was asked what challenges he was facing or contributing to poor performance he failed to tell the commands that he needs funds to buy few players but instead it took a player to mention that our team needs reinforcement upfront.

Players to follow laid down procedures when they are not happy and stop rushing to media houses and mention things when they did not inform management about their cries and stop avoiding attending training in the name of fake sickness.

Commands promised that they will work on few issues picked from players and promised to increase winning bonuses and review salaries but that they will need good results to be delivered.

The meeting was attended by Charles Bwale and one of his Assistants and four players.

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