BuyZed urges Govt to impose ban on fish imports

Government has been called upon to impose a ban on the importation of fish in view of the US$ 50 million investment that has been made in the fisheries sub-sector.

BuyZed Campaign founder, Evans Ngoma says his organization particularly wants government to ban the importation of Tilapia from China.

Evans NgomaMr. Ngoma says this is because this Zambia has now built capacity to produce fish enough to meet the demand of the local market and for export.

In an interview with QTV News, Mr. Ngoma states that BuyZed is of the view that Zambia should start earning foreign exchange from its own local products in order to finance developmental projects.

He says his organization has also observed that the Country has also built capacity to produce enough fruits such as bananas on a large scale to satisfy the local market.

He says the quality of bananas being produced locally is as good as what is being imported from outside the Country.

Mr. Ngoma has since urged Zambians to support their own by buying products that are being produced locally.

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