Capital Bus Services and products, the owners of the neatly-liked flash buses recount they’ll attain an upward increment on local Bus fares In Lusaka following the upward revision of the minimal wage for bus drivers.
Capital Buses Proprietor ISHMAEL KANKARA says the elevated minimal wage for bus drivers can rep a detrimental attain on the company’s revenue as the lengthen was not anticipated.
Mr. KANKARA educated ZNBC news in an uncommon interview that in as powerful as the revised wages are welcome, Authorities must rep implemented the lengthen in a phased system so that the field isn’t exposed to financial stress.
Nevertheless, Minister of Transport and Communications BRIAN MUSHIMBA says no transporter has the lawful to elongate bus fares with out enticing his Ministry.
Mr. MUSHIMBA says in as powerful as the country is a liberal economy, transporters are attentive to the procedures supplied for beneath the Transport ACT, for somebody who must alter bus fares.
And Mr. MUSHIMBA added that his Ministry operates an originate-door Protection and is able to raise with transporters on the topic.

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