Bill 10 is ill-timed

TIZ advises the government deal with issues contributing to the well being of the people than focussong on a divisive statute

By Francis Maingaila
Lusaka (19-06-2020) Transparency International Zambia Chapter has teamed up with other Civil Society Organisation (CSO) to joined the list of institutions and individuals that have asked the government to withdraw bill 10 in its totality and facilitate consensus to come up with a credible constitution that will accepted by interest groups.
TIZ executive director Maurice Nyambe told journalists at the media briefing on Friday morning that his organisation would rather want to see the government deal with issues contributing to the well being of the people than a divisive statute.
He observed that in the recent past the country has witnessed massive abuse of public resources, corruption and the government has not been accountable on the manner it has administered the resources donated towards the fight against naval coronary virus also know as COVID-19.
Nyambe wondered why the government has taking so much interest in pushing  for a divisive Bill 10 for enactment at the expense of many challenging issues affecting Zambia today.
Nyambe said like many other Civil Society Organisation  that have reject Bill is a considered view that Zambia is at crossroads because its leaders are not paying attention to the concerns the people have brought to the attention of government.
He said the people need explanations on the debt status, comprehensive updates on management of covid19 donations, status of the access to information bill and issues threats to people seeking answers.
He maintained that Bill 10 is not only ill-timed but also the government jas not given good justification why there is need to have it enacted.
He obaerved that in the  current process of making constitution is in the hands of the executive who determine and dictating the pace at which the constitution will be made.
He said the debate on Bill 10 is desire for the PF to come with their position on the constitution which they want to use to govern the country.
He said the current process of debatihg bill 10 does not represent the will of the people that want to have their concerns addressed.
He said Bill 10 not not only fail to promote good governance but also reduces accountability and other fundamentals which came up the disputed 2016 general elections  including undermining the electoral process and other recommendations people to the select committee.
He wondered why the government does not agree with the people who are expressing their views and many are being arrested.

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