Bill 10 Billboards Not Against the Law

By Mary Mwiinga-Justice Minister Given Lubinda says there is no law that stops anyone from mounting Billboards to campaign for or against Constitutional Amendment Bill number ten of 2019.Mr. Lubinda says it is mischievous and inconsistency of the worst kind for anyone to suggest that erecting Billboards in support of bill 10 amounts to contempt of Court.He says there is nothing contemptuous about anyone commenting for or against bill ten.Mr. Lubinda told ZNBC news in Lusaka that democracy demands that people can discuss issues freely without any due pressure from anyone.He has since accused those opposed to Bill 10 of trying to use all manner of lies including running to court with the view of disenfranchising others.Mr. Lubinda said citizens should not panic because the Bill will be considered by parliament.He said when the time is right, government will reintroduce Bill ten for second reading. Post Views: 31
News Source: ZNBC

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