Be Better, Do Better, Life is but Perishable

By Amb. Emmanuel Mwamba
I saw this picture from my science subscription site.
A picture of Earth from the surface of Mars. NASA’s Mars Rover, Curiosity, took this photo of Earth.
Then you realise that we live on planet, a mere but a small blue dot in our own solar system, a tiny spec of sand amongst the constellations of huge stars and galaxies.
It has been established so far, that this is the only place in the entire expanding universe that has known life, that has water, that has flaura and fauna, that has wildlife and has that special being – man.
We are so special, so unique, so isolated, so distinct, and are unlike any other.
So then you ask yourself, why do we fight, envy, destroy and plot to ruin one another? Why are we petty, why do we seek to harm one another?
Why do we practice discrimination, tribalism, racism and enforce policies, programs and activities of exclusion against one another.
On this earth, we have plenty to share, enough to live equitably, we have brains to provide for all, farm and feed all, provide for all.
But why do we covet, why do we steal, do we corrupt, why do we kill, plunder and destroy?
Why do we hunt and accumulate wealth yet we will be lucky to live beyond 100 years, a literal second or minute in the times and space of the universe?
Isn’t it inherently unfair that a few people are able to enjoy healthy, wealthy, happy lives whilst the majority continue to live in ill-health, abject poverty and sorrow?
That a few should access the best education, health and income while the majority wallow in luck, struggle and poverty?
Shouldn’t it be everyone’s goal, every leader’s aspirations, every citizens hope to reduce inequality, afford the standard or better health and  education services, and facilitate commonwealth and common income for all?
And provide a good and sustainable livelihood for all?
Imagine that global wealth is held by 2% of the population. What wickedness!
Think about it, it is only us in the entire Universe, living here on this special planet called Earth, living but a perishable life.
Be better.
Do better.

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