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“Ban Charcoal Production”


“Ban Charcoal Production”

(ZANIS) Forestry Institute of Zambia, Secretary General, CHALIAFYA KATUNGULA has urged the Government to extend its ban on charcoal production beyond three districts.

Minister of Green Economy and Environment COLLINS NZOVU recently issued a directive to ban issuance of charcoal production permits in Shibuyunji, Itezhi Tezhi and Mumbwa districts.

Mr. KATUNGULA has told ZANIS that the directive should extend to the rest of the country if the battle against climate change and deforestation is to be won.

He said the unprecedented levels of deforestation pose a significant threat not only to the environment but also to the livelihoods of Zambians who depend on the forests for their sustenance and economic well-being.

The Institute’s Secretary General said a decision to ban the issuance of charcoal production permits underscores the gravity of the situation and the urgent need for decisive action.

Mr KATUNGULA called on Zambians to have a change of mindset by adopting more environmentally friendly alternative sources of energy such as charcoal briquettes.

He said there is also a need to explore how the enhanced Constituency Development Fund can finance the access to alternative energy sources by members of the public.

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